OISIN Mccormack

Lead vocals

Dr. Oisín McCormack was born into a musical family near Dublin, Ireland. The student troubadour has traversed six nations and as many universities with keyboard underarm in the name of education and the nearest jam session. The Irish traditions of storytelling and open-hearted heckling permeate through his song writing which has flourished in the practice rooms of Stranger Minds.




Alberto Masetto's career has been a serendipitous experience. Squier Affinity P-Bass thrust into hand with paternal encouragement at the age of eighteen, it has gathered no moss and several companions since. Alberto has found himself in multifarious bands and styles, countless concerts, five albums and more recently collaborating as a sound engineer in a private recording studio. In Stranger Minds he has found an arena where he can release the bass beast.




Alessandro left the Calabrian shores of the Ionian Sea at eighteen, electric guitar compassing a path northward through Florence, Empoli, and Padova, learning finally that all roads lead to the stage. Equal parts guitarist and radiographer, his penchant for introspection extends beyond the musical to hairline fractures and Halloween decoration.




Alice S is our synth wizard, the Queen of Korg. Raised in the wilds of Veneto by a troupe of musicians, it wasn't until 2011 that she was first gifted her weapon of destiny. On stage she dual wields a Korg Ps60 and a Microkorg XL+ in an adventure of sound and emotion, marrying the contest of the melody with the vitality of the rhythm section.